Meet Lisa Mona

Lisa Mona in a world of her own!


Thank you for visiting The OverView and taking some time to get to know me. I am forever grateful for your love!

I know you’re wondering, “What is The OverView?” so let me tell you a little bit about my blog first. The OverView is a ‘safe space’ or a ‘no judgement zone,’ where we can analyze and discuss current world happenings from a ‘higher’ view. At The OverView, we are free to express ourselves and respect each others’ views because we are all on different journeys and there is always something we can learn from each other.

We will discuss many things on this blog, but The OverView was born out of my love and curiosity for the world of entertainment. We all know there is always something going on in the entertainment world that keeps us wondering, following, and paying attention. Believe it or not, entertainment truly is an art. I’m always calling my ‘Big Homie’ to conversate about happenings in the world of entertainment, which leads to us sharing our perspectives and opinions with each other for hours. My ‘Big Homie’ is actually in the music industry so I’m always excited to to debate with him and pick his brain! I’ve decided to share these views with you and I hope that you will love it and feel comfortable sharing your views with me too. The OverView was created to give positive vibes, uplifting vibes, and mind expanding vibes.


I am Lisa Mona and I’m an amazing human being! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Writing is something I love to do professionally and recreationally. I love the power of words, and writing is a great way for me to express myself when the words just won’t come out right! I have been writing for over 14 years. I have written for newspapers, magazines, speeches and websites. I’ve also written scripts for television and radio shows as well as commercials. I actually had a late night radio show on an Urban Adult Contemporary radio station and I was also a voice for a morning show on a news/talk radio station. I’M OBSESSED WITH THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT and you’ll learn that as you continue to visit my blog.

I have experienced some amazing things in my life that I could have never imagined! For example, I’ve interviewed the legendary, iconic Phylicia Rashad (Claire Huxtable), I’ve been in a music video and traveled with the legendary hip-hop artist Twista, I’ve worked with the culturally woke and intelligent Mr. Roland Martin, I’ve spent a day with the legendary Angie Stone and her band, I’ve been on stage with YFN Lucci and his crew, I’ve met DC Youngfly, etc. Life is GREAT and it gets better everyday!

I love to travel and explore new places. I love to learn. Growth and elevation are very important to me. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you. I hope that you gain insight on some things and I hope that I can inspire, motivate, and encourage you to be your best self and live your very best life! YOU DESERVE IT !!!

I had been riding around in a limo all day with Angie Stone, her manager, and her background singers. We had so much fun and there were nothing but positive vibes! Although there is nothing like natural beauty, I was hesitant to record because we had just left the airport and the ladies had not yet gotten glammed up.