Meditation Session: Day 7

“The voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls.” ― Nietzsche

Today’s Meditation Session is titled The Beauty of Power Without Ego. 

We don’t often associate power with the concept of beauty, because we usually connect great power in Nature with great destruction – earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires – but those are extreme examples of Nature. It is easy to overlook the everyday sort of power such as gravity holding the planets, stars, and galaxies together in beautiful orbital patterns. Every year the magnificent power of Spring brings a tremendous resurgence of growth and rebirth in the plant and animal worlds, silently yet beautifully.

In today’s meditation, we look within at the power emerging in our life and recognize the force of our love, compassion, joy, strength, creativity, intelligence, and purpose is truly beautiful because it is connected with the grace and balance of Mother Nature herself.


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