Meditation Session: Day 4

“Never worry about anything. Live in the present. Live now. Be happy.” -Marsilio Ficino

Today’s Meditation Session is titled The Most Powerful Force in the World.

We tend to think powerful people have forceful personalities with strong egos and a confident self-image. But self-images are only perceptions of our self, not the real self. So simply working on changing your self-image from weak and disempowered to strong and powerful is only changing your mask.

How do we make the transition from the limited ego, which is selfish and insecure, to the true self? What makes the transition possible is to stop trying to change, and instead open yourself to the power that creates change, which is consciousness itself.

In today’s meditation, we understand and experience the genuine power and fulfillment that comes from living in the present. It is by living in the now that the strength of our real self shows its true nature, and life proceeds gracefully, joyfully, and harmoniously.


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