Meditation Sessions: Day 15

“We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.”  -The Talmud

Today’s meditation session is titled Miraculous Reflection.

Today in our meditation we explore the mirror of relationship. This is the idea that all of our relationships are a reflection of ourselves. The qualities and traits we react to strongly in others reveal the traits and qualities in us that need further understanding and balancing. The people we are attracted to are those who have traits that we have, only more so. We enjoy their company because we subconsciously feel that being with them will help us to cultivate and manifest those traits even more in our own lives. In the same way, we are repelled by people who reflect back to us traits that are difficult to face in our own selves.

The mirror of relationship is a valuable tool that we can use to see ourselves more clearly and to expand our awareness. As we become willing to embrace the light and shadow that we all possess, we bring love and healing to ourselves and our relationships.


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