Meditation Sessions: Day 10

“You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Today’s meditation session is titled Miraculous Attraction. The secret of attraction is remarkably simple. We bring to us that which is similar to the quality of our thoughts and feelings. However, the most important factor of success in attracting what you want is to desire it from the silence of pure awareness. Only from this state of consciousness will the desire be in accord with all of Nature and have the power and intelligence of the cosmos behind it. Your true nature is love, joy, and wisdom. When you experience and know that, you will attract love, joy, and wisdom into your life.

Trying to attract a relationship or a situation based only on the ego may bring some limited results, but it will not be fulfilling, long-lasting, or in your best spiritual interests, because the ego mind comes from a state of lack and limited understanding.

In today’s meditation, we attune to the universal power of attraction in our awareness. And in knowing our essential nature as love, kindness, joy, peace, and generosity, we spontaneously attract those qualities in our relationships.


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