T.I. & Tiny: Real Friends and Family Hustle #Goals

So, do you remember how I told you that I don’t really watch reality TV shows? Well, I have actually found a reality TV show that I LOVE and really enjoy watching.  T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle is now one of my favorite shows and I’m gonna tell you why…

Friends and Family Hustle is about a group of close friends: T.I. & Tiny, R&B singer and actress LeToya Luckett & her husband Tommicus Walker, R&B Singer Monica and her family, and Toya Wright & her boo Robert “Red” Rushing & her daughters. These women have been friends for many years and they have supported each other through their ups & downs.

Friends and Family Hustle paints a real picture of some of the issues being faced in the African-American community: mother and daughter disagreements, relationship problems, parents getting older, death, body image issues, etc.. There is no bickering back and forth between the women, each of them are focused on expanding their hustles, and they are raising children, whom they are also teaching how to hustle. There is no backstabbing and hating on one another and I love it!!! This show also shows how to navigate relationship issues in a classy and loving way. I can just feel the love and support as I watch this show.

I would love to have a group of friends like Tiny, Toya, LeToya, and Monica. Each one of the women has something different and valuable to contribute to the friendship and they are filled with wisdom. As each of them go through different experiences, there is someone in the group who can relate and share advice as well as uplift and give support through the process.

In the clip above, Tiny goes to visit Monica as news has spread that Monica is going through a divorce with her husband Shannon Brown. From watching the show, it is very clear that Monica is a very private person, so to have her business out in the public is tough. She is always so strong and never really showing or expressing her emotions, but it is clear that this situation is taking a toll on her. Not only is she going through a divorce, but she is focusing on her career, raising growing children, and worried about her parents. This is not Monica’s first divorce, but I can only imagine what it feels like to not only go through a divorce, but to go through a divorce in front of the world where everyone feels like they need to put their ‘2 cents’ in on your situation.

In the clip, Tiny is consoling Monica and giving her advice because she has also filed for a divorce in the public eye. Thank God her and T.I. decided to work things out! As you watch the clip, you can feel the authenticity, the love, the realness of the friendship. The way Monica interacts with Tiny’s children also shows how real the friendship is and it’s a breath of fresh air to have a show like Friends and Family Hustle. They are using their platform in a positive way, being aware that they are not only reaching adults, but children too. I love to see the growth and evolution of the children and the adults and their relationships as well.

If you haven’t been tuning in to watch Friends and Family Hustle, you are missing out! It’s better than Love & Hip Hop. It’s better than Black Ink. It’s better than Real Housewives. It’s just better than whatever you’re watching including The Kardashians, who I’m also keeping up with. “Thank you T.I. & Tiny for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for not being selfish, and thank you for being aware of your power and your influence on the culture. Thank you for showing us that African-American people can be successful and still support each other and get along.”

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