The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha, Cynthia, Kandi, NeNe, Eva, & Shamari of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Oh, the things and people we find entertaining! I’m rarely ever negative, but when I look at certain things, I really feel like the media is making a mockery of people. Are most of the things being shown on television a reflection of us as people or is it a way to continue to ‘dumb down’ the human race?

I am not a fan of the housewives, but last night I decided to tune in to the reunion show and it was a waste of time. A group of beautiful, African-American women, most of them business owners, sitting on a couple of sofas belittling one another and airing each other’s dirty laundry is embarrassing. I couldn’t believe how childish and petty these women were behaving. I mean a little ‘shade’ doesn’t hurt every now and again, but the picture they are painting of African-American women is horrible and they couldn’t pay me enough to sit in front of the world and portray my people in a way that suggests that we can’t get along, we are always envious of one another, we are backstabbers, all we do is gossip, and etc. IT’S SHAMEFUL!

These women are all super grown and most of them have adult children. These women were so petty on the reunion show so I can only imagine how petty they were throughout the show. I was embarrassed that I was even watching it, but I’m a different type of human being. I wonder if they really behave like that or if the show is scripted and they each have a part to play. I don’t know, but I hate that they have such a huge platform and they use it for mess and drama instead of uplifting and teaching women. It’s annoying to watch.

Feel free to correct me if i’m wrong, but at the end of the reunion, Cynthia Bailey said, “This is not enough money.” I whole-heartedly agree with her. There are certain things I will not do for a check. I am not willing to compromise my integrity or my dignity for a check. The housewives are basically being paid to humiliate themselves on national television in front of their children, family, friends and others. I am not one to knock anybody’s hustle, I live for the hustle, but can people learn to hustle smart? Will people ever wake up and realize the impact they have on other’s lives? Will people in very influential positions become aware of the messages they are sending out to the masses?

There is this movie titled, “Idiocracy” where the people are living in a society that has become very dumb and ignorant. Some of the shows on television and living during the current presidential administration makes me feel this way. The constant bickering back and forth on the reality shows, including the presidential reality show, can drive one insane, but we must learn to become leaders of ourselves. We don’t have to follow anyone else’s way of life, we can create our own. We have everything we need inside us to create and live the lives we desire to live. It takes much self-discipline, determination, persistence, and a whole bunch of other great characteristics to reach this place, but it can be done.


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